Upcoming Classes and Events




February 15- Ohana Generational Healing Certification, Indigo Lounge, Tilsonburg, $200, Email kelly@indigolounge.ca to register


March 21- Ohana Generational Healing Certification, Journey Healers, Kitchener, $200, REGISTER

March 28- Ohana Generational Healing Level 2 Certification, $275, Indigo Lounge, Tilsonburg, contact Kelly at kelly@indigolounge.ca to register


June 6- Ohana Generational Healing Level 1 Certification, Indigo Lounge, Tillsonburg, $200, Contact kelly@indigolounge.ca to register

We are available to travel to your location if you don't see a class in your area!  Email catherine@journeyhealers.com to find out more!

A deeply healing modality. I enjoyed studying level one Ohana Generational Healing. I highly recommend this course. Looking forward to level 2- Tammy Moore, Brampton, Ontario