Ohana Generational Healing Sessions

The power of your Ohana Generational Healing is amazing. The image in my head was of a raw chicken (but it didn't come out that way when I was speaking), and how all the liquid can run all over and makes a mess. Can you imagine if such a thing were left to sit, as so often happens with trauma? The bacteria would spread and grow, just as it does with trauma. Now you come a long with the Ohana sessions, and its exactly the right thing to clear that mess away. The energy gets into all the spaces the trauma effects have spread to and cleans them out. Pretty much what you said, but a much bigger ick factor. :D It's amazing how different I feel, yet again, after this latest session. I keep being surprised by what comes out in these sessions. Things I had no idea even existed as an issue are popping up and being addressed in a much easier manner than usual. Thank you so much!- Kayleigh

I was surprised by how much my body was holding onto when I came for the session.   You made me feel comfortable, calm and relaxed, and your easy going nature put my heart at ease.   The energy treatment was beautiful and I felt like the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders.   Definitely getting my family and friends to check this out!- Lisa

I thought the treatment was great, and then I started to see shifts in my family.  Healing happening that has been stuck in our family for years, and finally people are moving forward, and happier with their lives.   I highly recommend this!- Karen

Ohana Generational Healing Training

(please note that the surveys at the end of class are anonymous and thus no names are used) 

Excellent course!  The information was easy to follow, the conversations were beautiful and the hands on parts were just what I needed.   I feel so confident to go out and do this for others, and to continue healing for myself. 

I loved everything about this class!  Especially the practical part!  Lovely little group and a wonderful teacher!  

It was a very informative course.  I loved sharing stories and having the healing session.  

I loved all of the information that was provided and how detailed the class was.  

Very informative class and the time flew by!  I enjoyed it so much!  Thank you!  I will definitely refer to others to take this course!