Catherine Graham, Ohana Generational Healing Master Teacher


Catherine Graham

Catherine Graham is an intuitive healer, psychic medium, author, speaker and workshop leader, and creator of Ohana Generational Healing.  She has learned over 30 energy healing techniques, and has been working on the Ohana Generational Healing methods since 2016.   Catherine has been teaching Ohana Generational Healing since 2017.  Her passion towards this modality has only grown as she has learned the impact she is making on the lives that she comes in contact with.  Catherine is a passionate, caring and non judgmental healer, who is willing to do what it takes to bring forward personal healing and expansion.   She works with Ohana Generational Healing with a vision of healing the world through this energy modality.  
She is based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.
Instagram: JourneyHealers 
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Kathy Young 

Kathy Young is an energy healer, including Ohana Generational Healing Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher and Shaman.   She also has an undergraduate degree is Psychology from Wilfred Laurier Universiry, and carries a certification in Trauma Therapy and Child Protection Worker.    Kathy has been working with the Ohana Generational Healing methods since 2017, and believes that Ohana Generational Healing provides her with the tools to effectively offer her clients a way to unblock and release generational traumas.  

Kathy plans on sharing her gifts of Ohana Generational Healing with those who are seeking the wisdom that she has to share through her knowledge of trauma, the effects of trauma on the body, and the healing that Ohana Generational Healing can bring forward. 

Kathy is located in Goderich, Ontario, Canada.   

Feather In The Wind
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Elizabeth Moore

Elizabeth Moore is a Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, Magnified Healing Teacher and Ohana Generational Healing Teacher.   She has been working with energy healing for many years, and currently owns the Purple Door, located in Cambridge, Ontario.   Elizabeth brings forward a passion for Ohana Generational Healing through her own personal experiences of releasing trauma in her own sessions and with her clients.  

Elizabeth hopes for Ohana Generational Healing to be available in schools, hospitals, trauma, and anywhere else that trauma has been.   

Elizabeth is located in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.  

Purple Door/Soul Alchemy with Elizabeth 
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Lynn Baribault 

Lynn Baribault is a teacher of 28 years specializing in Special Education.   When she is not working with students, Lynn works as an Ohana Generational Healing Teacher, Quantum Crystal Energy Healer, and Preseli Bluestone practitioner.   She is the author of ' How To Raise Your Children with Wisdom and Awareness.  Lynn also teaches classes on intuition and channeling.   Lynn has a passion for bringing her clients a whole body health (physical-emotional-spiritual) release and align them with their own true path.   

Her wish for Ohana Generational Healing is for it to be recognized as the powerful vehicle that it is, allowing people to move forward in their own lives.

Lynn is located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. 

Clearing Paths 
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Instagram: LynnBaribault

Victoria Murray 

Victoria Murray (also known by Sandy) had dreams as a teenager of being able to make a lasting impact in at least one youth’s life. As an Early Childhood Educator, this dream was expanded to helping others from all walks of life. She went on to achieve her Bachelor of Arts -Sociology and then her Social Services Diploma. During the week days, Victoria works with youth, primarily adolescents, providing guidance and support. Her passion for energy healing came after receiving a Reiki Healing Session from Journey Healer’s, Catherine Graham. Since that time, Victoria has achieved her Masters/Teacher Reiki and Ohana Generational Healing Teacher’s Certificates which she currently practices week nights and weekends.


Victoria believes Ohana Generational Healing will transform and enlighten people to the generational trauma that may be healed in the present and for the future. In teaching and practicing Ohana Generational Healing, Victoria continues to fulfill her dream of helping others.


Victoria is located in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada


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