What can I expect from an Ohana Generational Healing session?

While each practitioner listed will bring their own flavour to the session, each healing session starts with a questionnaire that looks at the patterns that are occurring in your experience.   Using these identifying factors the practitioner will then determine the best course of healing for you.   At this point you will lay on the table ( or lay down on a couch if doing a distant healing session) and the session will begin.   The healing treatment of Ohana Generational Healing typically takes one hour in length. 

The healing session varies for each client, based on their own experiences, and what they are willing to let go of at the point of time of the session. 

Some have experienced:  a hot or cold sensation; a feeling of others being in the room; body twitches and twerks as energy is being released; visions within the mind during the treatment; letting go of emotions. 


I don’t know a lot about my family’s history.  Am I still able to get an Ohana Generational Healing?

Yes!   While we do work with up to 15 generations in a single session, it is not necessary to know all of the happenings within the family for 15 generations.  Often our own experiences shed enough light on the traumas that have occurred in the past.   We also don’t need to know particulars in order for healing to take place. 


I think my mom would really benefit from this healing modality.   But she refuses any energy work.   Can you help her?

Ohana Generational Healing works with 15 generations within your family, including past, present and future family members.   When you have a family member that could benefit, but they are stating they don’t want to experience the healing itself, you can come in for a treatment yourself, without them being present.  When the practitioner begins, they will call in the energy/souls of any family members that are hoping to take part in the session (whether to heal or be healed).   With this, your mother can experience the benefits of the Ohana Generational Healing without having to come in for a session (if her higher self agrees to it). 

I would like to become a practitioner.  What do I need to do?

We are always looking for new practitioners and are ready to help you get there!  All upcoming classes are listed on our website.   Certification levels include Certification, Level 2 and Teachers.   Only approved teachers (listed on the website) are able to teach the Ohana Generational Healing.   Be sure to register and send in your $50 deposit to hold your spot. 

I don’t want to drive so far for classes.   Is there any way you could come here?

At this current time, there is only one teacher of Ohana Generational Healing.   As such, we are very happy to come to your space to teach an Ohana Generational Healing Class.   Minimum of six students is needed to host a class.   Host(ess) can receive 30% of total class tuition, or free tuition for themselves.   All class materials, snacks, workbooks, pens are provided by the teacher.   The teacher and organization will also help in the advertising of your class to ensure that you have an optimal number of attendees.