There are three levels in Ohana Generational Healing. 

Level 1 is a one day course, that introduces you to the energies of the Ohana Generational Healing modality.   You will learn how to understand the inherited family trauma, find the patterns of the trauma, and give and receive an Ohana Generational Healing treatment.   The investment for level 1 is $200. 

Level 2 is a one day course, that takes you deeper into the Ohana Generational Healing method.   You will learn 8 different techniques that can be used for your clients, how to send the treatment distantly, Ohana Soul Alignment, and receive an attunement.   You will also gift and receive a treatment in the class.   The investment for level 2 is $275. 

The third level is the Ohana Generational Healing Teacher's Certificate.   You must have completed 10 case studies as a level 2 practitioner and demonstrate a thorough understanding of Ohana Generational Healing prior to taking the teacher's course.   In the teacher's certification, you will receive a deeper understanding of the Ohana Generational Healing, and learn to teach both level 1 and level 2, learn to give the attunement, and supported as you move forward with your teacher's certificate.   The investment for this course is $425.   (Investment includes 6 copies each of Level 1 and Level 2 workbooks) 

All practitioners are given ongoing support as they develop their relationship with the Ohana Generational Healing modality, and are encouraged to reach out to ask questions, share their experiences, and participate in the monthly newsletter.  All practitioners are able to be listed on the website at no additional cost.   

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