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Certified Ohana Generational Practitioners are listed here with location, and contact information.  Appointments are approximately 1.5 hours in length.  Prices vary by practitioner.  




Business Name



Catherine Graham, Founder



Kitchener, Ontario, Canada


Journey Healers

519 954 0597



Krystal Hurst, Practitioner


Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

(will travel to you)


Krystal Clear Healing



Carrie Wakeford, Practitioner


Mount Forest, Ontario, Canada


Peaceful Healing

519 313 0365


Micki Mahoney, Practitioner


Guelph, Ontario, Canada




519 836 6464


Gail L. Boyce





New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada

Rainbow Souls


 519 662 4714

Danielle Hughes, Practitioner

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Earth Wisdoms


226 606 2047


Amanda Hardayal, Practitioner

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Sacred Streams

519 635 0220


Nancy Alberton, Practitioner

Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Divinely Timed

Lori Lafond, Practitioner

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Sacred Synergy


519 635 1247

Victoria Murray, Practitioner

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Beyond the Light Healing

519 590 5290


Shelley-Anne Bauer, Practitioner

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Dragonfly Guidance

519 591 2690

Andrea Beaver Dennis, Practitioner

Guelph, Ontario

Guided by Light

519 830 3920


Nina Beninger, Practitioner

Teeswater, Ontario

Connecting Minds With Nina

519 392 6703


Cynthia Grace, Practitioner

Kincardine Ontario

With Grit and Grace, The Healing Place

519 901 3733